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Responding to COVID-19 with FallsTalkTM

Serving our most vulnerable older adults has always been at the heart of what we do and FallsTalk is specifically designed to address the needs of individuals who cannot or do not wish to participate in group falls prevention programs. All of us at Brookside Research & Development are keenly aware of the challenges faced by those of you who serve these individuals. We are currently working to meet the needs of four groups: I- Our FallsTalk Facilitators nationwide; II- The older adults that our FallsTalk Facilitators serve; III- Family Caregivers of older adults with memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias; IV- Those who would like to learn to offer FallsTalk to older adults currently sheltering in place or under lockdown.

We do not want to clutter your already overflowing inbox, so we will ask you to please use this link to access the latest information and resources as they are available for each of these groups. We will continually update this information moving forward. Thank you for your commitment to providing much needed support for older adults, these are all our own loved ones. Please continue reading this page and know that YOUR contribution to their health and safety MATTERS!

I- Our FallsTalkTM Facilitators nationwide
Our latest software has numerous new tools designed to simplify and extend your digital reach, as well as to assist you in working together with others in your organization; helping you to offer FallsTalk remotely to your community. Check out our Upgrade Flyer and find out about Refresher training. Please email us at for more information.


II- The older adults that our FallsTalkTM Facilitators serve
Here’s something that you can do right now! Our paper version of the FallsTalk Screener includes key CMS/Medicare and Epidemiological criteria that can be completed by people at home or in many other ways. It can help you to identify individuals at moderate to high risk for falls. Many organizations have used this paper screener in their community. Please email us with your ideas for using this screening note card to reach older adults during this challenging time, so that we can share them with others. Learn to combine this paper screening information with various included screening and assessment tools, provide an array of customized reports and conduct the FallsTalk behavioral intervention by signing up for our webinar training series.


III- Family Caregivers or Care Partners of older adults with memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias
Our NIH/NIA funded research is progressing very well. If you would like to read our recent work on falls in persons with memory loss, or concerns of their Caregivers, just click on the links in this sentence.


IV- Those who would like to learn to offer the FallsTalkTM Behavioral Intervention to older adults currently sheltering in place or under lockdown
Our Summer FallsTalk Webinar training series are full, but we currently are organizing another series starting in October and will add more as we fill those classes. We are committed to assuring the quality of our training and the fidelity of the intervention and limit the class size. Class schedules depend on the availability of our experienced Master Instructors. Please email us at to ask about becoming a licensed FallsTalk Facilitator by completing the training.

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