The FallScape Program has been developed and tested with support from the National Institute on Aging starting in 2004, it has won awards from the AGS, APTA & AOTA. Designed for ease of use in any setting, FallScape uses each individual's unique mobility, environment and functional status to create personalized interactive multimedia training sessions and evaluations. The easy-to-use software provides customized falls prevention programs in any setting and includes a standardized behavioral intervention (FallsTalk), reporting tools and individual program materials. Longitudinal research has shown that FallScape significantly reduces falls1, while increasing recognition of personal fall risks2 and promoting falls prevention behaviors3,4

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This Survival Analysis compares individuals who had interactive multimedia falls prevention training sessions (FallScape) with participants who had interactive sessions without multimedia (FallsTalk), and those who only kept daily fall diaries (Controls).

All individuals reported weekly for up to 1 year, the analysis shows the time to reported 2nd fall (CMS, PQRS criterion). Those who had multimedia training (FallScape) survived longer (p=0.016) compared to those who did not (FallsTalk). Controls experienced a 2nd fall significantly sooner (p<.0001) than either FallsTalk or FallScape participants.

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